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Custom Shoe Designer Interview

Inspiration For Growth was inspired by Dillon O’Rourke. Dillon O’Rourke is an emerging custom shoe designer and entrepreneur. He’s a freshman in high school and designer of D1customs studio.

Dillon O’Rourke is the founder of D1 customs studio, a shoe customizing business. D1 customs was born during the Coronavirus pandemic and it is continuing to thrive.

Pink Ribbon shoes
Take a look at D1customs studio latest design

In this interview Dillon shares:

  • How he began custom designing sneakers.
  • What he enjoys most about designing shoes.
  • Who inspired him to start a business.

Enjoy this insightful, genuine, and personal interview with a young high school entrepreneur.

Thanks, Dillon for joining me.

“Tell me about how you began custom designing sneakers.”

During quarantine, I watched videos on YouTube. Then I started trying designs on old shoes. I shared pictures of my designed shoes on Instagram and got some buyers. LeBron sneakers were the first shoe that I designed.

“What is your favorite part of designing shoes?”

Giving my customers the finished product and coming up with ideas for the shoe. I look at custom shoes on Instagram for inspiration and I also come up with designs on my own.

“What is your least favorite part of designing shoes?”

Taping and laying stencils on the shoe.

“Who inspired you to start your business?”

Dillon Dejesus on YouTube. He shares his designs and how – to create custom design shoes.

“What advice would you give to someone starting to design custom shoes?”

Plan out your designs. Don’t wing it so much.

“If you could pick one design that you haven’t done yet what would it be?”

The Glitch Air Force One

“What is the last thing that inspired you?”

Some of the designs Dillon Dejesus designed.

“What song inspires you or pumps you up?”

Tell the Vision by Pop Smoke, Kanye, and Pusha T

I really enjoyed chatting with you, Dillon. To get a behind-the-scenes insight about Dillon’s work check out this YouTube video. It shows how he designs the Air Max 97 custom shoes for the Hamilton Southeastern High School Coach.

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